Wednesday, June 8, 2005


The shot-on-video BLOOD RELIC (2005) from MTI Home Video and director J. Christian Ingvordsen (BOG CREATURES) features cadaverous Billy Drago (Frank Nitti in DePalma's THE UNTOUCHABLES) as the proprietor of a New England air/space museum with a dark history.

It seems that back in the 80's, while the museum was an active Air Force base, an officer was possessed by an evil artifact and went on a killing spree. Now, twenty years later, that officer is out of the asylum and prowling around the museum looking for his talisman. There's also someone dressed in an airman's outfit, helmet and air mask stalking the grounds, killing off the museum's young volunteer staff.

BLOOD RELIC is a bland, straightforward slasher film, completely devoid of anything resembling suspense or atmosphere. It hews to the formula pretty religiously, which means the requisite breasts and bloodletting are there, but there are also no surprises. Acting wise, B-movie vet Debbie Rochon gives a decent performance, but everyone else is either bad or unmemorable.

Well, to be fair, it's got a strip poker scene, so it's got that going for it.

My screener disc includes just a solid full-frame transfer, although the version that will be hitting the streets this week will allegedly include a commentary by director Ingvordsen and actress Rochon, Rochon's video diary, and trailers for other MTI releases. I can only recommend this one if you're a diehard fan of B-horror and boobies and are looking for an undemanding evening's rental.

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