Wednesday, June 8, 2005


Also covering the cryptozoological angle is SASQUATCH HUNTERS (2005), which returns Bigfoot to bloodthirsty monster status after that whole HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS image makeover.

In some ways a throwback to those old Seventies "nature gone wild movies," the simple plot has two scientists, their buxom assistant and a cadre of forest rangers trekking into the mountains looking for a Bigfoot burial site. Of course, they find it, and that only pisses the hairy bastard off.

Frankly, SAQUATCH HUNTERS lacks even the meager entertainment value of CHUPACABRA TERROR, with a completely uninteresting and unmemorable cast and interminable scenes of people hiking through the woods, climbing in and out of tents, running around at night with flashlights, etc. The big guy himself is 90% fuzzy CGI and 10% guy in hairy gorilla suit, and while the design is pretty good, it looks about as real as a Playstation cutscene.

Director Fred Tepper tries hard, but he's got nothing to work with. The cast is so bland that it really made me long for the days of B-movie stars like Bradford Dillman, Doug McClure, David Carradine, Robert Forster… guys who knew how to make something out of these kinds of roles. Hell, even the forest was dull. I don't know where they shot this, but the woods behind my house are more photogenic and menacing.

Sony Pictures' DVD is an appropriately bare-bones affair, with a sharp letterboxed transfer and a few trailers for other Sony monster movie releases.

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