Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Now, ENTER…ZOMBIE KING (aka ZOMBIE BEACH PARTY, 2005) is a different kind of super hero film. Imagine a world where Mexican-styled masked wrestlers are public heroes, flesh-eating zombies prowl the countryside, and masked bikini babes sunbathe on the beach during a snowstorm. That's ENTER…ZOMBIE KING, a low-budget, shot-on-video opus from some seriously demented Canadian filmmakers.

Ulysses (Jules Delorme) is one of America's (!) top luchadores, on his way to meet The Blue Saint (Raymond Carle) and his sister Mercedes (Jennifer Thom), for a reunion at their beach house. On his way there he discovers that his old partner, Tiki (Rob "El Fuego" Etcheverria) is traveling the countryside putting on exhibition wrestling matches with "domesticated" zombies. Now, Ulysses and his friends think this is a bad idea, and when locals start getting murdered and eaten, they suspect Tiki's undead pets. Investigating, they uncover the real fiend behind the zombie rampage…

ENTER…ZOMBIE KING is a bizarre little vid flick, full of tattooed lesbians, cartoonish gore, random strangeness (like the sunbathing bit mentioned above), wrestling and surf rock (by The Tijuana Bibles). As goofy as it is, though, director Stacy Case and creator/writers Bill Marks and Sean K. Robb, create a surprisingly thought-out "world." Every character has a complicated personal history with one or more of the other characters, and the central conceit of masked wrestlers traveling around seeking adventure and fighting evil works surprisingly well. Performances are mostly amateurish, and the production values are low, but it's fun.

ADV's disc presents a solid, letterboxed transfer with a nice 5.1 Surround mix. There are no extras aside from trailers for six other ADV titles.

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