Thursday, August 25, 2005


An erotic fantasy from French director Bruno Gantillon, GIRL SLAVES OF MORGANA LE FAY (aka MORGANE ET SES NYMPHES, 1971) is a lush, visual treat, full of beautiful women and gorgeous scenery (or is that redundant?).

Two Parisian lipstick lesbians, Francoise (Mireille Saunin) and Anna, are touring the French countryside on holiday. After an ominous visit to a roadside pub, they spend the night in the hayloft of a nearby, abandoned farmhouse. The next morning, Francoise awakens to find Anna missing. Searching the nearby woods, she comes across a sinister dwarf (Alfred Baillou), who leads her to a nearby lake. There, she's taken to an island inhabited by beautiful women in matching pastel nightgowns. They take her to a castle where she is introduced to the immortal sorceress Morgane le Fay (Dominique Delpierre) of Arthurian legend. Morgane offers her a choice: she can stay at the castle as one of her lesbian love slaves and stay young and beautiful forever, or rot for eternity in her dungeon.

The movie's plot is a particularly thin one, upon which are hung many sapphic sex scenes, lovingly photographed in and around an authentic medieval castle. The women are beautiful, the performances are quite good and the atmosphere is erotically charged. The ending may seem like a cop out, but in this case, suits the film perfectly. It's never scary, but it's always fascinating.

Mondo Macabro's disc maintains their usual high standards, with a stunning 1.66:1 anamorphic transfer and optional English subtitles. Supplemental material includes deleted scenes, an interview with director Gantillon, the original theatrical trailer, extensive background notes and still gallery. The disc also includes Gantillon's short film, AN ARTISTIC COUPLE.

Another great disc from MM, and recommended to Eurocult fans.

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