Thursday, August 25, 2005


Platinum Studios' RAGING SHARKS (2005) should have been called "ROARING" SHARKS, because director Danny Lerner (or someone else involved in the production) had the brilliant idea to dub in a lion's roar every time one of the aforementioned man-eaters attacks a cast member in this sci-fi potboiler.

A couple of alien spaceships crash somewhere in the universe, hurling a container filled with some unknown substance halfway across the galaxy. It lands on Earth – in the Bermuda Triangle, of course – and turns peaceful predators into RAGING SHARKS. Those furious finny fiends attack and cripple an undersea research complex, and the Navy sends a sub to rescue the survivors. But can they survive the RAGING SHARKS?

Sorry, just love that title.

Anyway, the movie stars Corin Nemec (PARKER LEWIS CAN'T LOSE, THE STAND), Vanessa Angel (KINGPIN, TV's WEIRD SCIENCE) and Corbin Bernsen (MAJOR LEAGUE, L.A. LAW) in a ludicrous undersea thriller that uses an entire "Shark Week's" worth of stock footage to fill out its running time.

The plot is ridiculous, combining and remixing various elements of such previous entries in the "undersea horror" genre as JAWS, DEEP BLUE SEA, THE ABYSS, LEVIATHAN and DEEP STAR SIX. However, the pace never lets up and the production values and special effects are pretty decent (even if the nuclear sub interiors looked more like a WW II-era diesel boat). The cast is uniformly good, each one acting their hearts out in a valiant attempt to bring some class to the nonsensical story.

The Platinum disc presents the movie in a letterboxed, widescreen transfer with a 5.1 surround sound mix. The only extras on the disc are the trailer and optional Spanish subtitles.

If you're not expecting too much in the way of logic or sense, it's a fun time waster, worth an evening's rental. (And Vanessa Angel still looks great.)

BUY: Raging Sharks