Friday, December 9, 2005


Probably the worst of the wannabe Kongs is 1969's THE MIGHTY GORGA, starring former TV hunk Anthony Eisley (HAWAIIAN EYE) and over-the-hill Hollywood character actor Scott Brady (HE WALKED BY NIGHT). Directed by David L. Hewitt, GORGA must be seen to be believed.

Zoo owner Mark Remington (Eisley) decides to travel to Africa and find an attraction to save his nearly bankrupt operation. After some stock footage of an airplane, he arrives in what appears to be the same zoo he just left, which is now pretending to be Africa. He teams up with sexy Megan Timothy to search out the legendary giant ape god, Gorga, which is played by a guy in a cross-eyed ape costume, which we never see from the waist down. Gorga battles a ferocious T-Rex played by a dime store plastic toy held close to the camera, and our heroes finally decide to leave the giant gorilla in peace. There's also a bad guy and some white guys playing natives, but they're just there to pad this thing out to feature length.

The plastic dinosaur makes an appearance in the disc's companion feature, ONE MILLION AC/DC (1969), a softcore sex spoof written by the legendary Ed Wood and directed by Ed Priest. It's about as arousing as an autopsy, with unattractive naked people groping each other in dimly lit caves. Believe me, that reads better than it plays.

The DVD from Something Weird Video, though, is great. THE MIGHTY GORGA is presented in a nice, clean full-frame transfer, with clear mono sound. The companion feature doesn't look as good, but nobody should watch that, anyway. The disc also includes "Big Dumb Monster" trailers for about a dozen rare films, several prehistoric-themed short subjects, and a gallery of exploitation advertising art accompanied by classic radio commercials.

I find THE MIGHTY GORGA to be one of those so-bad-they're-good flicks, and an educational look at the type of movie my parent's generation would be subjected to at the drive-in. If that sounds fun to you, the disc is well worth adding to your collection.

BUY: Mighty Gorga / One Million AC/DC