Thursday, January 12, 2006


A couple years back, Blue Underground released the notorious Joe D'Amato sleaze classic EMANUELLE IN AMERICA (1977) on DVD, managing to slip into Best Buys and chain stores across the country a movie incorporating hardcore sex acts, simulated snuff footage and on-screen bestiality with a horse named Pedro. Bravo, Blue U!

EMANUELLE IN AMERICA stars the striking Laura Gemser (or "Black Emanuelle," as she's known to sexploitation buffs) as a photo journalist/fashion photographer investigating an "international snuff film conspiracy." Her investigations take her all over the world and through a variety of graphic erotic adventures and encounters, including everything from a kinky threesome to a sex resort for wealthy women that employs a stable of buff studs to a young woman who manually stimulates a horse on camera. She does eventually find the snuff film peddlers, and the footage shown on screen is revoltingly realistic. EMANUELLE IN AMERICA can be rough going, but for the brave-hearted, it's a great example of no-holds-barred exploitation.

Blue Underground brings this grindhouse spectacular to DVD with a gorgeous 1.85:1 anamorphically enhanced widescreen transfer culled from a pristine source. Extras include a video interview with director Joe D'Amato, an audio interview with star Gemser, talent bios, a poster and still gallery, and a text feature on "The Unofficial Emmanuelle Phenomenon" by David Flint.

For those looking for hardcore sleaze, EMANUELLE IN AMERICA delivers.

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