Thursday, January 12, 2006


Before there were hardcore pornographic feature films (what we refer to around here as the Dark Ages), there were nudie loops. These were short films, usually shot on 16mm film, that showed naked women doing things that men liked to watch naked women do.

These shorts were only viewable in quarter-fed peep booths in smoky, hole-in-the-wall adult bookstores, and disappeared once hardcore material became common in the Seventies. Well, the fine filth historians of ei Independent Cinema have recently released a great compendium of these skinflick loops, NAUGHTY NUDES OF THE 1960S on the Retro-Seduction Cinema label.

The disc features a dozen vintage nudie loops, none more than a few minutes long: HEAVENLY BODIES (1960), THE BLUE ROPE OF LUST (1962), BLEACH BLONDE VIXEN (1963), HORNY REDHEAD (1963), THE INSATIABLE HOUSEWIFE (1965), BALLOON SEX (1966), SALLY'S SEXY SNAKE (1966), SOPHIA FROM ITALIA (1960), SUSAN'S SEXY TAN LINES (1966), CARESS MY BODY (1967), BETWEEN MY THIGHS (1968) and PSYCHEDELIC SORORITY SEX (1969). Each was digitally transferred from original prints, and is presented in a 1.78:1 aspect ratio and anamorphically enhanced. Each short has been given new musical accompaniment, with pieces by The Pink Delicates, The Ubangis and Ron Atkins. Quality varies from short to short, but virtually all of them show age-related damage, from scratches to dirt. Some of the loops are B&W, some are color, and again, the quality varies.

The Extra Features include an additional seven loops: THIGH HIGH GARTER (1964), MEGA BEEHIVE SUPER DOO (1965), BOUNCIN' BOOBS (1965), REDHEAD BEEHIVE (1968), THE STEWARDESS (1967), TRAILER PARK SEX (1968) and RENE'S SEXY STRIPTEASE (1971), featuring early skinflick superstar Rene Bond. There are also trailers for a slew of Retro-Seduction Cinema titles and an on-screen introduction to the material by 42nd Street Pete, who is credited as a "film historian."

While the picture quality is less than perfect (these loops are forty years old and were shot on the cheap), this disc is historically important, preserving a specific, long-gone era of adult entertainment: a time when seeing film of naked women wasn't something you could do in the privacy of your living room, and the women who appeared in the films weren't all silicone-enhanced, gym-sculpted sexbombs. For anyone interested in that sordid history, NAUGHTY NUDES OF THE 1960S is essential viewing.

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