Thursday, March 16, 2006


e.i. Cinema has recently rediscovered a lost sexploitation classic, director Joe Sarno's previously unreleased ABIGAIL LESLIE IS BACK IN TOWN (1975).

This well-acted softcore soap opera tells the tale of an insecure housewife Priscilla (subtly sexy Rebecca Brooke) who fears that the titular tramp (husky voiced honey Sarah Nicholson, a/k/a Jennifer Jordan) has returned to their small fishing village to rekindle an earlier affair with her husband (hardcore vet Jamie Gillis). But Abigail is interested in more than just a rematch with Priscilla's philandering hubby; Abigail's a carnal carnivore with a vast appetite for sin that won't be sated until she's seduced every consenting adult in town, regardless of gender.

Filled with veteran hardcore performers of the era who all turn in very creditable acting jobs, ABIGAIL is a PEYTON PLACE-styled potboiler fueled by scalding softcore steam. Directed by legendary sexploitation auteur Joe Sarno (BUTTERFLIES, SIN IN THE SUBURBS)), ABIGAIL LESLIE is a surprisingly thoughtful and adult Adult Film.

Never properly distributed back in the Seventies, ei Cinema brings this surprising gem to the digital format under their Retro-Seduction Cinema imprint with an excellent 1.78:1, anamorphically enhanced widescreen transfer supervised by Sarno himself. The disc also includes a commentary track by the director, his biographer Michael Bowen, and ei President Mike Raso. There's also an excellent on-screen interview with Sarno and his wife, Peggy, an eight-page booklet with liner notes by Bowen, and trailers for other Sarno-helmed Retro-Seduction Cinema releases.

Considering it's budget and genre, ABIGAIL LESLIE is a terrific little film. It's tough to recommend, though, because if you want wall-to-wall sex, this isn't the movie for you. There's plenty of hot action, but it's mostly in the second half of the movie. However, if you're interested in this era of adult filmmaking as filmmaking, you'll definitely want to check it out.

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