Thursday, March 16, 2006


Part WIP, part female biker movie, part sub-Bondian action flick, and all insanely entertaining – there's never been another film quite like Ackyl Anwari's VIRGINS FROM HELL (1987).

Get this: Two attractive young Indonesian women are forced to watch as Mr. Tiger, the mustachioed leader of a drug syndicate, murders their parents and steals their shag-carpeted family castle (and adjoining caverns). In order to exact their revenge, they recruit a gang of biker babes in multi-colored leather hot pants and go-go boots to take on Mr. Tiger and his machine gun-toting army. Unfortunately, their attack is a failure and they are captured. Locked up in a convenient dungeon, they are abused, tortured, forced to pick coconuts and used as guinea pigs in experiments aimed at producing an aphrodisiac drug that will turn the world's women into helpless sex slaves!

What can I say? If you didn't pick it up from the synopsis above, VIRGINS FROM HELL is a psychotronic joy ride of the highest order, with one utterly absurdly situation after another, adding up to 94 minutes of the most bizarre exploitation action you've ever seen.

Mondo Macabro brings this Jakarta jaw-dropper to DVD in a glorious, colorful 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer with Dolby Digital Stereo sound. The picture looks surprisingly pristine for a movie almost 20 years old, and the hysterical English dub is clear and strong. The first disc of this two-platter special edition includes the uncut film, the original theatrical trailer and a text background article on the WIP prison genre. Disc 2 contains another great MM documentary on Indonesian exploitation films and 70 – count 'em, 70! – minutes of mind-blowing Indonesian movie trailers.

Highly recommended.

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