Friday, April 14, 2006


ei Independent Cinema recently released the "classic" 70's sexploitation double-bill of 2069: A SEX ODYSSEY/RUN VIRGIN RUN (1974/1970) on their Retro-Seduction Cinema label. These West German softcore sex comedies got a lot of play in the drive-ins of the Seventies (and late night cable in the early Eighties), and while nobody's going to call them classics of any genre, there's enough voluptuous, naked frauleins on display to make for a couple enjoyable hours' worth of naughty amusement.

2069 (5 MADCHEN BLASEN ZUM ANGRIFF) tells the story of a group of beautiful Venusians who land near a small, picaresque mountain village in West Germany in search of virile young men to use as sperm donors – their planet is inexplicably devoid of males, you see, and procreation has become a problem. But while their plan is to hook the men up to what can only be described as a "milking machine," the nubile E.T.s soon discover the joys of carnal contact with the local peasants.

RUN, VIRGIN RUN (DIE JUNGFRAUEN VON BUMSHAUSEN) is another Teutonic sex farce set in a small rural village where the town's menfolk attribute their wives' high birth rate with a legendary mountain wind that makes them extra fertile. The truth is that when they leave for the fields every day, town stud Michael goes to work, servicing the oversexed women of the town.

The stories are mindless fluff, the women are quite attractive and silicone-free, and the dubbing is terrible. Sounds good to me.

Considering the age and origin of the films in question, ei's presentation is acceptable. Both films are presented full-frame and show considerable damage in the form of specks and dirt. There's a lot of grain and some occasional artifacts that lead me to suspect the films were culled from a videotape source rather than 35mm prints. But the colors are bright and the contrast is good, and they're quite watchable. Both films are dubbed into English, with no subtitle options. The only extras on the disc are the usual Retro Seduction Cinema trailer vault.

BUY: 2069: A Sex Odyssey/Run Virgin Run