Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Recently, TV producer Stephen J. Cannell (HUNTER, THE A-TEAM) teamed up with IDT Entertainment (parent company of Anchor Bay) to produce a series of original horror films. One of the first of these, IT WAITS (2004), has recently hit the shelves… and it's actually pretty good.

Directed by Steven R. Munroe from a screenplay by Cannell, Tom Szollosi and Richard Christian Matheson, IT WAITS is an effective creature feature with an attractive lead, a suspenseful script and a totally cool monster.

A sexy young forest ranger named Danielle (buxom Cerina Vincent of CABIN FEVER) is struggling with feelings of guilt over the death of her best friend in a car accident – an accident that Danielle may be responsible for. Alone in an isolated mountain lookout tower, she spends her nights getting drunk and wallowing in self-pity until a demon out of Native-American legend, attracted by her despair, begins to stalk and torment her…

The plot here is not deep, nor are there any astounding twists or turns in the story, but IT WAITS in never less than entertaining. Vincent plays her character well, and the Indian demon is a particularly nasty bugger with a definite sadistic streak. The creature costume by Tony Gardner (DARKMAN) is great – very Giger-esque – and fortunately, there's only a couple of very brief bad CGI bits to distract from the otherwise convincing effects.

Anchor Bay's DVD is, as one would expect, a fine effort, with a pristine 1.77:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer and 5.1 Dolby Surround sound. There's an enjoyable commentary track by director Munroe and star Vincent, an informative "Making Of" documentary, and the theatrical trailer.

IT WAITS is a solid little monster movie, and I liked it quite a bit. Recommended.

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