Wednesday, March 14, 2007


LOST CITY OF THE JUNGLE (1946) is a fun thirteen-chapter serial that stars B-Western stalwart Russell Hayden (COWBOY G-MEN), the always-excellent Keye Luke (THE GREEN HORNET, SECRET AGENT X-9) and pretty Jane Adams (THE BRUTE MAN) as agents of the "United Peace Foundation," who oppose the sinister plans of legendary screen villain Lionel Atwill (THE MAD MONSTER, in his last film role) as he searches for a deadly radioactive element in the remote Asian nation of Pendrang.

Briskly directed by Universal vets Ray Taylor and Lewis D. Collins, LOST CITY OF THE JUNGLE is a particularly budget-conscious production – even for a chapterplay - that employs more than its share of carefully-chosen stock footage from countless other Universal films and serials and shameless amounts of tricky editing to flesh out its four hour plus running time.

Serial specialists VCI cram all 13 chapters onto a single disc, and although the source material is somewhat scratched and battered, considering the film’s age and rarity, it’s more than watchable, with no obvious compression artifacts or other digital blemishes.

One of the more obscure 40’s cliffhangers, VCI’s disc should be a welcome addition to any serial fan’s library – just don’t expect a pristine presentation.

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