Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Universal Home Entertainment has just repackaged Sam Raimi’s (EVIL DEAD) pre-SPIDER-MAN original superhero effort with its two direct-to-video sequels in one, handy, low-priced, 2-disc DARKMAN TRILOGY FRANCHISE COLLECTION.

The first film, DARKMAN (1990) stars Liam Neeson (KRULL) as a hideously scarred scientist who can create temporary new faces with which to fight crime, while Arnold Vosloo (THE MUMMY) takes over the role in sequels. As to those sequels, DARKMAN II: THE RETURN OF DURANT (1994) & DARKMAN III: DIE DARKMAN DIE (1995), they’re not so hot; shot in Canada on tight, TV budgets, but then, the original feature wasn’t the greatest, either. Supporting actors include Larry Drake (DR. GIGGLES), Renee O’Connor (XENA), Kim Delaney (PROJECT: METALBEAST), Roxanne Dawson (STAR TREK: VOYAGER) and Jeff Fahey (SCORPIUS GIGANTUS, THE LAWNMOWER MAN).

The first disc contains DARKMAN and THE RETURN OF DURANT, and includes trailers for both films. The second disc contains only DIE DARKMAN DIE, and doesn’t even have a menu screen. All three films are presented in 1.85: anamorphic widescreen and look fine. There are no supplemental features.

For fans of the series, it’s an inexpensive, convenient package.

BUY: Darkman Trilogy (Darkman / Darkman II: The Return Of Durant / Darkman III: Die Darkman Die)