Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Another pleasant surprise was EUREKA – THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (2006) from Universal Home Video.

I’d seen the promos, but I had no real interest in this SciFi Channel Original series. I knew nothing about it except that it was about a secret town of scientific geniuses… and that didn’t intrigue me in the least. But I was sent the first Season of twelve episodes, and figured I’d at least check out the Pilot. Well, my wife watched it with me, and we were soon hooked.

U.S. Marshall Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) and his delinquent teenage daughter inadvertently stumble upon the northwestern community of Eureka after a car accident. While waiting for their car to be repaired, Carter finds himself helping the local authorities deal with a series of strange events, which are soon revealed to be a scientific experiment gone awry. Carter then learns that Eureka is the home of the world’s top minds, all working under the protection of the U.S. government to push the limits of technological advancement. Proving his worth to the authorities through solid detective work, he is promptly reassigned to be the town’s new sheriff.

A great ensemble cast and a light touch gives this NORTHERN EXPOSURE/X-FILES hybrid a broad appeal, with an eccentric but likeable bunch of townspeople (including MAX HEADROOM’s Matt Frewer, T2’s Joe Morton and Debrah Farentino of EARTH 2), a few dark mysteries and conspiracies, and a smart, sharp sense of humor.

Universal’s 3-disc set is packed into an eco-friendly recycled package and contains all 12 episodes from the first season in crystal sharp 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen transfers. The disc includes over 10 hours of bonus features, most of which are commentaries and/or podcasts. There are some deleted scenes, and a couple of funny mock infomercials for "Made in Eureka" products.

EUREKA is a clever mix of sci-fi, drama and comedy, and I’m eagerly looking forward to season 2 on DVD (I guess it’s currently airing on SciFi).

BUY: Eureka - Season One