Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Universal’s new release of THE INCREDIBLE HULK – THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON (1978-79) lives up to the quality of the first season presentation, with 22 episodes on five discs.

As Season 2 kicks off, Dr. David Banner meets and marries a pretty-but-terminally ill scientist, and continues to wander the country, helping people in need and searching for a cure for his unique condition, while managing to "Hulk-out" at least twice a show.

Comic book fans can be pretty unforgiving about media adaptations of their favorite characters, and this show often takes a lot of heat for the changes made to the character and his milieu. But for the budget, and considering the realities of network television in 70’s, I think producer Kenneth Johnson made absolutely the right choices in developing the show. His FUGITIVE meets JECKYLL & HYDE approach not only allowed him to do some decent adult drama (usually) but get some mileage out of the fantasy elements, too. Generally smart scripting (there’s only a couple of clunkers) and the rock-steady presence of Bill Bixby as the sympathetic and believable Banner, made THE INCREDIBLE HULK one of the best fantasy shows of its era.

Season 2 presents all 22 episodes in decent full-frame transfers. Colors are good, and there’s relatively little wear or damage evident in the source prints. This volume includes an introduction by producer Kenneth Johnson, and a Johnson commentary track over the season premiere episode, "Married." The set also includes a bonus episode from Season Three.

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