Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Another Seventies superhero show, Filmation Studio's THE SECRETS OF ISIS (1975) has also just come to DVD courtesy of BCI.

The star of one of Saturday morning’s first live-action adventure shows, the lovely Isis (sultry Joanna Cameron) fought crime and saved lives every week, usually managing to teach a nice moral lesson, too. With the occasional assistance of SHAZAM’s Captain Marvel, the bookish high school chemistry teacher with the powers of an ancient Egyptian goddess gave prime time’s Wonder Woman a run for her money as TV’s sexiest super heroine for two seasons. (And for my money, Isis wins.)

BCI’s new DVD set includes all 22 episodes of the classic kid’s show, in full-frame transfers. Unfortunately, as the show was shot on cheap 16mm stock, usually outdoors, the source material looks very faded, grainy and washed out. It’s still watchable, but don’t go expecting reference quality transfers from this 30-year-old low budget program. As with the label’s other Filmation releases, there’s plenty of great bonus materials. There’s almost 2 hours of on-camera interviews with the producers crew, and cast of the show (excluding Cameron, unfortunately), isolated music and FX tracks on selected episodes, a commentary on episode 15, Three extensive still galleries, scripts on DVD-ROM, and a complete episode of the animated series FREEDOM FORCE, which featured the Isis character. There is also the usual slew of BCI/Filmation trailers.

Another childhood favorite comes to disc courtesy of BCI, and since Isis was one of my first crushes, I’m grateful to have the series on DVD today.

BUY: The Secrets of Isis - The Complete Series