Saturday, September 1, 2007


Misty Mundae (Erin Brown) gets a lot of coverage in this column, but that's because ei Independent Cinema/Seduction Cinema sends me a lot of discs, and the charismatic starlet seems to star in all of them.

THE SEDUCTION OF MISTY MUNDAE (2005) is one of the better ones, and actually holds together as a movie, unlike some of her other sexploitation features. Directed by ei President Michael Rasso, SEDUCTION tells the story of a young woman who visits her luscious lesbian "aunt" (Julian Wells, BITE ME!) for a few weeks, and is driven to explore her own budding sexuality after secretly watching her hostess masturbate, and later make love to another woman.

SEDUCTION stands out from the most other ei softcore skinflicks due to its superior performances, accomplished direction, and attractive videography. The production has a sophisticated look that belies its shot-on-digital video nature, rivaling many recent theatrical films. Mundae is as appealing as usual, successfully conveying her character's initial innocence and sexual curiosity.

The 1.78:1 anamorphic DVD comes with a CD of the vidflick's soundtrack music by "The Pink Delicates," A commentary by director Russo and editor Tony Marsiglia, and interview with Russo, a behind the scenes documentary, and a Julian Wells "photo shoot." Finally, there are the familiar Seduction Cinema trailers and a 60's-vintage "peep show."

Possibly the best movie Seduction Cinema has yet released, THE SEDUCTION OF MISTY MUNDAE is enthusiastically recommended for fans of quality softcore sexploitation.

BUY: The Seduction of Misty Mundae