Monday, February 4, 2008


A subtle and strange little 1971 thriller by director Curtis Harrington (NIGHT TIDE), with outstanding performances by Ann Southern, John Savage (THE DEER HUNTER) and a surprisingly sexy Cindy Williams (yep, of LAVERNE & SHIRLEY fame), THE KILLING KIND tells of an over-protected mama’s boy (Savage) who is sent to prison for participating in a gang rape.

Upon his parole, he moves back into his mother’s (Southern) boarding house, where he finds himself driven by uncontrollable urges – both sexual and violent – to avenge himself on those he feels have wronged him.

Smart, suspenseful and shocking, Dark Sky films has given this obscure Seventies thriller a sterling release on DVD, with an uncut, remastered anamorphic widescreen transfer, clear Dolby 2.0 Mono soundtrack, and a bonus, on-screen interview with director Harrington, recorded shortly before his death last year.


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