Monday, February 4, 2008


Originally intended to be the final season of the most popular private eye series of it’s era, Season 7 of MAGNUM P.I. (1986-1987) was a marked improvement over the prior two seasons. In general, the writing and direction were a lot stronger, and the character was granted a new, welcome maturity. The show continued to juggle action, humor and crime drama, and ended with an episode that seemed to put a pretty definite ending on the series.

Of course, the ways of TV executives are inexplicable, and the show returned again for an eighth, somewhat truncated, season the next fall.

Season 7 also featured the infamous MURDER, SHE WROTE cross-over, and both parts are included in this set.

Universal’s DVD set is comparable with the earlier season releases with fairly clean full-frame transfers and Dolby 2.0 Mono sound. The only bonus features are the MURDER, SHE WROTE episode, "Magnum on Ice" (concluding the crossover) and the Sleuth Channel speciual, AMERICA’S TOP SLEUTHS.

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