Thursday, April 3, 2008


To tie-in with a new GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE animated series for Cartoon Network, Classic Media has collected the entire 1967 original series from Jay Ward (ROCKY & BULLWINKLE).

George is a dim-witted Tarzan who lives in a treehouse with his girlfriend Ursula (who he often refers to as "Fella"), his "doggie," the elephant Shep, and an erudite gorilla called Ape. Each 30-minute episode includes a roughly 7-minute GEORGE adventure, and two equal-length installments of TOM SLICK, about a race driver, and SUPER CHICKEN, the adventures of a potion-sipping, super-powered fowl. The episodes are obviously fast paced, and like other Ward productions, the humor works on several levels, making them as funny for adults as for kids.

Classic Media has packaged all 17 episodes of this 40-year-old toon in an attractive, two-disc, hardback case. The full-frame transfers are clean and fairly bright, showing only minimal dirt and some minor age-related damage. Overall, the episodes look quite good for a TV a cartoon of its vintage.

A great, funny cartoon, far funnier - and smarter - than those Disney live-action rip-offs. Recommended.

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