Wednesday, March 30, 2005


CHEERLEADER CAMP (1988 – also known as BLOODY POM POMS) may not have Satan in the title or in the script, but it’s got Leif Garret in the cast, and that’s close enough for me.

I shouldn’t have to summarize the plot. The title is CHEERLEADER CAMP and it’s a slasher/bodycount film. Needless to say, there’s lots of hot chicks in – and out of – cheerleader outfits (including future porn star Tieri Weigel and Penthouse Pet Krista Pflanzer), a bunch of graphic murder scenes, the always-welcome Buck Flower cameo, sophomoric teen comedy-styled humor, and Leif Garret rapping. Oh yeah. Let me repeat that: Leif Garret rapping.

Don’t tell me Satan had nothing to do with this flick.

Actually, I found this to be a pretty entertaining movie – briskly paced and fun to watch. Betsy Russell (AVENGING ANGEL) is an appealing and attractive heroine and the story has a few interesting twists and turns. Add in gobs of goofy dialogue ("I think we’d be better off if she thought more about the team and less about getting honey on her muffin!") and smokin’ chicks in short skirts, and it makes the whole thing more than worth picking up.

Anchor Bay provides their usual fine widescreen transfer, anamorphically enhanced and culled from a nearly pristine source. The flick looks great. They’ve also included an audio commentary track with producer/director John Quinn and producer Jeff Prettyman, which is interesting and entertaining in its own right. Fortunately, these guys have a pretty fair understanding of what kind of movie they’ve made, and a sense of humor to go with it. The disc also features theatrical trailers (under both titles), the BLOODY POM POMS alternate title sequence, behind the scenes photos, and a poster & still gallery.

If you’re a fan of Eighties slashers with a sense of humor, CHEERLEADER CAMP is a good bet for an evening’s rental or as a solid addition to your collection.

BUY: Cheerleader Camp