Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Apparently, chicks dig Satan.

I guess it makes sense. He’s got the hot pad, stylin’ goatee, and that whole satyr look going for him. And you know women always go for the bad boys.

Exhibit A: SEVEN WOMEN FOR SATAN (aka LES WEEK-ENDS MALÉFIQUES DU COMTE ZAROFF, 1974), a fine sample of Gallic perversity from French director Michel Lemoine.

Boris Zaroff (director Lemoine) is a mild-mannered businessman who daydreams about hunting and killing beautiful naked women on his country estate, much like his notorious ancestor (from Richard Connell’s classic short story, THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME). When a young couple arrives at his chateau one fateful weekend, the insane Count sees an opportunity to fulfill his sick, sadistic – and dare I say it? – Satanic fantasies with the aid of his manservant Karl (Eurocult fave Howard Vernon, THE AWFUL DR. ORLOFF) and the family torture chamber in the basement.

Originally banned in its native France, SEVEN WOMEN FOR SATAN is a sometimes pretentious, often absurd erotic horror film that holds the viewer’s interest through its pervasive, dream-like atmosphere, erotically-charged scenes of sadism and torture, and abundant female nudity. It never makes much sense, but it’s always interesting to watch.

The disc looks good, letterboxed at 1:66:1 with nice colors, and very little print damage. Much of the film was apparently shot in soft focus, so that’s the way it looks. Mondo Macabro provides both an English dub and the original French language track, with optional English subtitles.

The Mondo Macabro disc also includes their usual fine extras, including an exclusive interview with director Lemoine, theatrical trailer, text features with cast and crew biographies, and another fine MM documentary on the making and history of this obscure, nearly-lost film. Once again the folks at MM have rescued an almost-forgotten Euro-horror film from obscurity and provided a high-class presentation on disc for cult movie fans.

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