Friday, February 6, 2009


One of the most unique horror films of the Eighties, ALIEN screenwriters Ronald Shussett and Dan O’Bannon’s DEAD & BURIED is revisited by Blue Underground in high-definition, with all the same bells and whistles of their two-disc DVD release a few years ago.

D&B focuses on the strange events happening in the small New England township of Potter’s Bluff: strangers are murdered brutally, only to soon show up alive as members of the community. This doesn’t escape the notice of new Sheriff James Farantino for long, and his investigation threatens the town’s darkest secrets.

A very creepy film with truly excellent make-up gore effects by the late Stan Winston, D&B is very different from the usual horror flicks of the era, with a genuine, palpable atmosphere of ever-present dread and menace. The ending is surprising and wild, and your appreciation of it will depend on how well you’ve let yourself become immersed in the film’s reality. I love it.

The new Blu-Ray edition of DEAD & BURIED features a 1080px hi-definition transfer from the original negative, presented in its proper 1.85: 1 widescreen aspect ratio and uncut. The image is soft and grainy, but this is faithful to the original photography and the intent of the filmmakers. The look was carefully created to add to the eerie nature of the film’s story. The disc includes 7.1 DTS-HD, 7.1 Dolby True and 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround audio options, as well as English, French and Spanish subtitles.

The copious bonus material includes three commentary tracks: one by director Gary Sherman, a second commentary by co-writer Ron Shussett and actress Linda Turley, and a third by cinematographer Steve Poster. There are several featurettes – a look at Winston’s effects on the film, and interviews with co-writer Dan O’Bannon and actor Robert Englund. The creepy theatrical trailer rounds out the package.

The movie is highly recommended, and if you’re Blu-Ray equipped, this new edition would make a worthy addition to your horror film library.

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