Friday, February 6, 2009


Fans of Jason Vorhees and the FRIDAY THE 13TH horror films have always been disappointed in the eponymous television series from the late 80’s, which created a whole new concept to accompany the famous franchise’s name.

In the series, two young heroes and their elderly uncle are out to recover a slew of cursed antiques in order to save the world from evil. Not exactly the same as the celebrated slasher series, but what the hell, it lasted several seasons and introduced young male horror fans to the lovely, redheaded Robey.

CBS/Paramount has just released all 26 episodes of the second season on 6 discs. The episodes are presented full-frame, and in stereo. Picture quality is slightly better than that of the Darkside discs, although considerable grain is still present. There are no bonus features whatosever.

Obviously, this one’s pretty much just for the fans.

BUY: Friday the 13th the Series: The Second Season