Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The fine folks at The Asylum are at it again with THE TERMINATORS (2009), an even more shameless than usual "mockbuster" knock-off of not only the TERMINATOR films, but of the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Sci-Fi television series, as well.

In the future, mankind has built millions of cyborgs, most of which look like a grumpy bodybuilder (Paul Logan, KOMODO VS. COBRA). They rebel, and take over the Earth. They also send some back in time to invade Earth in the past(?), and a small band of resistance fighters (including Jeremy London of MALLRATS and A. Martinez of L.A. LAW) rises up to fight them.

While I actually have a grudging respect for The Asylum for having the balls to so blatantly rip-off the big guys, I also have to wonder whether they might be better off sticking with their (slightly) more original stuff. THE TERMINATORS just plain sucks. But... they’ve got a few decent actors, the CGI space battles in this one (by Tiny Juggernaut) are actually quite respectable, and the music by Chris Ridenhour is very good, if as derivative as the rest of the film (Ridenhour is probably the company’s greatest asset, as his musical scores are often the only things injecting any life into their movies). Too bad that the good parts of the flick are overshadowed by the half-baked, unoriginal script and clearly rushed production.

The DVD features a solid anamorphic widescreen transfer and 5.1 Surround sound. There’s a commentary by the director and producer/screenwriter, a short "making of" documentary, deleted scenes, bloopers, and a half-dozen trailers for other Asylum films.

Can’t actually bring myself to recommend this one to anyone, unfortunately.

BUY: The Terminators