Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Pretty much the entire cast – except for lead Gordon Jones, who is replaced here by square-jawed Warren Hull – returned a year later for this 15 episode follow-up. When the first chapter gets underway, we find Britt Reid (Warren Hull) enjoying a vacation in Hawaii and romancing attractive young women. Unfortunately, he learns that back home organized crime has extended its activities into virtually every industry in the city, including his own newspaper. Disguised once again as the avenging Green Hornet, Britt makes forays against the underworld establishment, with each attack bringing him closer to the identity of the syndicate mastermind, an arch crook named Grogan.

As with the first serial, GREEN HORNET STRIKES AGAIN is filled with action and plenty of Tommy Gun gangster movie violence. In my opinion, Hull makes a slightly more convincing hero than his predecessor, and Keye Luke once again makes a formidable Kato.

As with the first set, VCI’s new 2-disc DVD presents the 15 chapter serial with a superior, full-frame 1.33:1, B&W transfer. The extra features again include exhaustive liner notes by author Martin Grams Jr., two additional classic radio episodes of the GREEN HORNET radio show, a photo gallery, and trailers for other VCI cliffhanger releases.

Both GREEN HORNET serial releases are recommended for fans of the character who may only know him from comic books or reruns of the 60s television show, and for cliffhanger buffs. They’re fun, fast-paced, and full of gangland chaos. The good old stuff.

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