Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Not the usual Late Show bill of fare, but what the hell, it was sent to me. Former Disney starlet-turned tabloid darling Lindsay Lohan stars in LABOR PAINS, an determinedly unexceptional romantic comedy that is neither especially good nor offensively bad. It is, instead, a pretty standard DTV time killer.

Lohan plays a young secretary at a small publishing company who impulsively claims to be pregnant in order to avoid being fired. She’s the sole support of herself and her teenage sister and can’t afford to lose her meager paycheck. Unfortunately, she didn’t really think her ruse through, and now has to fake a pregnancy, a deception that comes with a pretty obvious time limit.

It’s a romantic comedy, so I’m not spoiling anything by saying that eventually, everything will work out. The direction by Lara Shapiro is competent, the cast is good, Lohan’s still cute, and there are a few chuckles in there. But it’s pretty much a TV movie, and you’re not really missing anything if you pass it by.

First Look Studios has brought LABOR PAINS to Blu-Ray with a perfectly satisfactory 1.85 widescreen transfer and 5.1 Digital Surround sound mix. Supplemental material is limited to a "Making Of" featurette, cast interviews and previews for other First Look features.

If you like this sort of marshmallow fluff, there’s worse out there… but there’s better, too.

BUY: Labor Pains [Blu-ray]