Tuesday, August 18, 2009


An entertaining homage to alien invasion flicks of the 1950s, ALIEN TRESPASS is directed by X-FILES alumni R.W. Goodwin and stars Eric McCormak of WILL & GRACE and FREE ENTERPRISE.

A flying saucer cashes in the Mojave desert in 1957 carrying an alien police officer and a vicious monster known as a Gota. The extraterrestrial lawman possesses the body of a local scientist (McCormak) and enlists a pretty blonde waitress (Jenni Baird, THE 4400) to help him recapture the beast before it can reproduce.

Not a spoof so much as a sincere effort to capture the style and tone of the movies it emulates, ALIEN TRESSPASS is entertaining and especially rewarding for fans of the era. The screenplay gives shout-outs to such genre classics as THE BLOB, IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE, and others, so if you’re familiar with the sci-fi flicks of the time, you’ll have an extra level to enjoy.

The cast is solid, featuring veteran character actors like Dan Laura as the town sheriff, and Robert Patrick as one of his deputies. There are a few anachronisms here and there, but overall the filmmakers do a good job of recreating the 50s Cold War/Atomic Age ethos. My only complaint is that I wish their commitment to the film’s conceit had extended to the special effects – the CGI used is just too slick and modern-looking for the movie. An old-fashioned miniature spaceship shot traditionally would have better fit the flick, I think.

Image’s DVD features a sharp1.78:1 anamorphic widesceen transfer. Bonus features include interviews with director R.W. Goodwin and star Eric McCormak, several featurettes, and the theatrical trailers.

For fans of 50’s sci-fi, ALIEN TRESPASS definitely worth at least a rental.

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