Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Also from Anchor Bay comes these two entries in the sun & skin genre, the long-time cable favorites HARDBODIES and HARDBODIES 2.

In 1984's HARDBODIES, a trio of middle aged businessmen rent a beach house for the summer and hire hunky beach bum (Grant Cramer) and his best friend (CHILDREN OF THE CORN’s Courtney Gains) to teach them how to pick up hot young women – the "hardbodies" of the title. Hijinks ensue.

In 1986's HARDBODIES 2, our heroes (now played by different actors) travel to Greece with the cast and crew of a low-budget exploitation film. There they encounter even more attractive, young, topless women, this time of the Mediterranean variety. More hijinks.

Neither film is high art, obviously, but they’re both slick, breezy entertainment of the lowbrow variety, and if that’s something you enjoy, then it’s worth checking them out.

Both films are presented in pleasant anamorphic transfers on a single disc, in their original 1.85:1 widescreen aspect ratios. As with SPRING BREAK, the audio is in the original, adequate mono. The original theatrical trailer for Part 1 is the only extra feature on the disc.

If you have fond memories of watching these flicks on HBO or Cinemax back in the Eighties, Anchor Bay has preserved them on digital disc for you to revisit. Me, I remember seeing most of these in the theater (yeah, I’m old), and had a great time going back to the beach.

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