Thursday, October 27, 2005


From the single-minded folks at ei Independent Cinema's Seduction Cinema label, comes the four-flick THE MISTY MUNDAE EURO-VIXEN COLLECTION. This three-disc set includes MUMMY RAIDER (2001), VAMPIRE VIXENS (2001), ROXANNA (2001) and SATAN'S SCHOOL FOR LUST (also 2001) in their extra-sexy, extended International cuts.

All four shot-on-video features star charismatic ei starlet Misty Mundae and lots of other attractive young women, all of whom indulge in simulated lesbian sex scenes at the drop of a pair of panties. The paper-thin plots are inconsequential, really, the production values aren't anything to write home about, and the acting? Well, the ladies all moan convincingly, I'll say that. But – if you're not in the mood for hardcore porn, and you're looking for pure softcore sexploitation, you could do a lot worse.

The set is loaded with tons of Mundae-centric bonus features, including various television interviews, a couple of documentaries, the usual boatload of Seduction Cinema trailers, and a full-color booklet. All four video-shot features look fine and the stereo sound is sharp and clear.

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