Monday, April 5, 2010


The second film in the "Dick Malloy, Agent 077" trilogy starring Ken Clark (ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES, SPECIAL MISSON LADY CHAPLIN) is a fun, fast-paced slice of Eurospy adventure, with the requisite amount of beautiful women, furious fistfights, and a familiar but fun sci-fi McGuffin.

FROM THE ORIENT WITH FURY (1965, a/k/a FURY ON THE BOSPHOROUS), opens with the abduction of scientist Professor Kurtz (Ennio Balbo), inventor of a powerful new disintegrator ray (an Eurospy staple), by a villainous crimelord named Goldwyn (Franco Ressel, SABATA). Of course, the CIA assigns their top op, Agent 077 (Clark), to find the missing prof, and his investigation first leads him to Kurtz' errant daughter Romy (Fabienne Dali) in Paris. Soon, he's following a trail of tenuous leads that take him to Madrid and then Instanbul, and encounters with Goldwyn's sexy henchwoman (Evi Marandi) and fellow agent Evelyn Stone (popular Eurospy vixen Margaret Lee, SECRET AGENT SUPER DRAGON). Eventually, it all leads to Goldwyn's cliffside hideout and a lethal demonstration of the Professor's death ray gun....

Not quite as polished as the first and last 077 adventures, ORIENT is, nonetheless, an enjoyable international romp with a slew of sexy women (I'm a big fan of the curvaceous Ms. Lee), plenty of rough and tumble two-fisted action for the athletic Clark, and professional direction by Sergio Grieco. Agent 077 is equipped with a few nifty gadgets, and his globetrotting provides the viewer with some nice travelogue footage. Although the death ray is a common McGuffin in these flicks, I thought that in this case, at least, the ray gun prop was pretty cool, and the simple special effects nicely executed.

Dorado Films' DVD features a solid 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer from a reasonably decent source print. There's a little bit of dirt and print damage evident, and some very minor color shifting issues, but otherwise, it's quite stable, with solid contrasts, good detail, and no obvious cuts or missing frames. Audio is English 2.0.

Dorado has include text bio/filmographies for Clark and Ms. Lee and trailers for the other 077 films, as well as another Ken Clark Eurothriller, THE TIFFANY MEMORANDUM.

For fans of the genre, FROM THE ORIENT WITH FURY is a fine, if low-budget espionage adventure, not quite as odd as some of its contemporaries, but with a full complement of glamorous women and fisticuffs. Recommended

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