Thursday, May 20, 2010


From the mind of exploitation maestro Fred Olen Ray (HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS, EVIL TOONS) and courtesy of his Retromedia label, comes this remarkably blatant - and possibly brilliant - DVD novelty, SORORITY GIRLS 3D (2010).

It's not even really a movie, but a softcore lesbian video with a gimmick. The premise is that six nubile young women are trying to get into a sorority, and to do so, they must play a naked game of "Truth or Dare." (You can probably guess what kind of questions and dares are involved. If you can't, let's just say there's a lot of kissing and fondling and whipped cream.) The gimmick is that it's in 3D!

Seriously, that's it. How sad is it that I watched the entire hour-long video with those stupid cardboard glasses over my own?

The top-notch production values consist of one set (Fred's living room?), seven sexy women, two couches, and lots of baby oil. The naked girls include Beverly Lynne (SUPER NINJA BIKINI BABES), Jassie James, Penny Flame, and Angela Stone... and of course those are their real names. All of the young women are attractive, shapely, giggly and undressed, and... that's pretty much all you need to know, I suspect.

The Retromedia DVD presents SORORITY GIRLS 3D with a sharp, 1.33: full-frame transfer in both anaglyph 3D and "flat," 2D versions. The disc includes two pairs of anaglyphic (red & cyan) glasses. (Two pairs. Think about that for a second.) There are no other features included, not even trailers for any of Fred's other sexploitation discs.

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy... the DVD streets on June 8th.

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