Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The softcore auteur behind NINE AND 1/2 WEEKS and the popular 90s late night cable series, RED SHOE DIARIES, combines four episodes of his 2008 Showtime series, ZALMAN KING'S BODY LANGUAGE, into this direct-to-DVD feature from Exclusive Entertainment.

The premise? Samantha (Jessica Rimmer), the bartender at the titular stripclub, woodenly narrates erotic vignettes revolving around the club's exotic dancers. In this particular volume, we have "The Librarian," which follows a shy young woman (Melissa Bentivoglio) as she becomes addicted to the sexual thrill of dancing and the power it gives her over men, "The Naked Truth," where an undercover policewoman (Erica Cox) goes after a dangerous gangsta (Mark Sparks), "Lunch Hour Diva," about a gorgeous housewife and mother (Anna Kalina) who dances during the day while her husband's at work and the kid's at school, and finally, "Sex Shop Boy," which relates the sexual exploits of a pair of uninhibited strippers with the aforementioned, voyeuristic sex shop clerk.

All four stories are well shot and edited, and the simulated sex scenes are highly charged and not too sleazy. The women are uniformly gorgeous and constantly naked. The acting is about on the level of a hardcore porno, but then, this isn't Shakespeare. This is socially-acceptable cable smut, light on plot and heavy on petting, and as such, it's pretty decent, with reasonably high production values.

The DVD presentation is fine, with a sterling 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer and 5.1 Surround sound. There are no extras, despite the package's claim of bonus trailers.

If this is your sort of sexploitation, and you don't get it already on cable television, ZALMAN KING'S BODY LANGUAGE is worth checking out.

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