Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I genuinely didn't expect to enjoy this show. I'd seen the commercials for COUGAR TOWN (2009) and it looked like purely a "chick show." Also, I'm not exactly a fan of Courtney Cox (MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE). When the discs showed up in my mailbox, I figured I'd watch an episode or two, write up a quick review, and toss the set into the box under my desk.


The series begins when Jules (Courtney Cox), a recently-divorced 40 year-old realtor living in Florida decides to get back into the dating scene after 20 years married to Bobby (Brian Van Holt), an unsuccessful golf bum who cheated on her through most of their marriage. With the encouragement of her best friends (Christa Miller and Busy Phillips), she chases after younger men for sex. But, starting around the third or fourth episode, the show drifts away from that limited premise, and becomes much more of an ensemble comedy about Jules' friends, neighbors and family, as they deal with life as forty-something adults.

Co-created by Bill Lawrence (SCRUBS), COUGAR TOWN is sharply-written and well-cast, with a smart sense of humor and great characters. Yeah, it's a "chick show," but the male characters are all given some redeeming and admirable qualities, as well. I was surprised.

ABC Studios' DVD set contains all 24 half-hour episodes of COUGAR TOWN's premiere season on 3 discs. The episodes are presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound. (NOTE: The last two episodes have been inexplicably switched and are presented out of order, disrupting the continuity.) Supplemental features include a "Making Of" documentary, bloopers, deleted scenes, several "Ask Barb" webisodes, which feature the dating advice of the aggressive "cougar" character, Barb, and a couple of amusing comedy featurettes, including the hilarious "Saber-Tooth Tiger Town" sketch from the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Despite its title, COUGAR TOWN is a surprisingly smart character comedy and well-worth checking out.

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