Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Last year, Severin Films released the 1983 teen sex comedy SCREWBALLS, giving the T&A "classic" an eye-opening, high quality presentation on DVD & Blu-Ray. Now, they've given the 1985 follow-up, LOOSE SCREWS (a/k/a SCREWBALLS II), the same loving treatment.

Four high school sex fiends (Bryan Genesse, Lance Van Der Kolk, Alan Deveau and Jason Warren) are forced to attend summer school at the elite Coxwell Academy, where they spend virtually every waking moment trying to get a glimpse, cop a feel, or have sex with the equally-randy female students... and the sexy French teacher, Moana Lott (Cynthia Belliveau.) That's it. The plot.

Directed by the man who helmed the aforementioned "Canuxploitation" classic, SCREWBALLS, Rafal Zielinski, LOOSE SCREWS is, in all respects, a rehash of its predecessor (Deveau and Warren play essentially the same characters), but it's still a helluva lot of lowbrow fun, with much of its brief 77-minute running time packed with acres of nubile, young, all-natural Canadian female flesh. Seriously - you get your first flash of bosoms less than two minutes into the film!

The original SCREWBALLS attempted to pass itself off as a 50s-60s period piece, but this one joyfully embraces the 80s, with all the fashion and hairstyling disasters that marked that MTV decade. One memorable set piece takes place in an aerobics class, complete with colorful, skintight leotards, legwarmers and headbands, while another occurs at a club where the boys enjoy a wet t-shirt contest, all while the soundtrack blares pure 80s syntho-pop. The dialogue is wall-to-wall innuendo and saucy puns, and there are even a handful of reasonably clever gags. I particularly liked the line of dialogue that deftly explained our rather "mature" looking teenage deviants ("Don't you think four years in Grade 12 is enough?") and a running gag concerning our four protagonists and a wooden bench. Really.

Severin Films has given LOOSE SCREWS an amazing, high definition transfer from a pristine, 35mm interpositive, presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen. Colors and details are incredible, especially for a 25 year-old, low-budget exploitation film. Audio is presented in Dolby 2.0. Bonus features include and audio commentary by Zielinski, interviews with producer Maurice Smith and production designer Ken Cord, and an eleven minute-longer "international cut" of the film, culled from a VHS source and presented in 1.33:1 full frame ratio.

For what it is - an 80s Canadian tax-shelter T&A teen sex comedy - LOOSE SCREWS delivers. The rapid-fire jokes will, at best, make you groan or occasionally snicker, but there's no shortage of attractive topless women. It's fast, mindless, funny and has boobies. Sometime that's all a man needs from a movie.


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