Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Well, Tom Selleck should be happy. I vividly remember an appearance he made on David Letterman's show several decades ago, back at the height of the mustachioed actor's popularity on MAGNUM P.I., where he enthusiastically recounted his early experiences in exploitation films - specifically, the Philippines-shot horror flick, DAUGHTERS OF SATAN (1972). In fact, he not only showed a clip from the film, but handed out "Re-release DAUGHTERS OF SATAN" T-shirts and bumper stickers to the audience.

Well, it took twenty-five years or so, but, thanks to the "MGM Limited Edition Collection" of Manufacture-On-Demand DVDs, his wish has been granted.

Tom plays James Robertson, an American art dealer living in Manila with his wife, Chris (Barra Grant). One day, in a local gallery, he comes across a creepy painting of three witches being burnt at the stake, one of whom bears an uncanny resemblance to his beautiful wife. As any of us would, he buys the painting and hangs it in his home. Predictably, Chris is unnerved by this, especially when she starts hearing voices and experiencing other unexplainable events. Is she losing her mind? Or is she truly a "Daughter of Satan?"

Directed by TV director Hollingsworth Morse (H.R. PUFNSTUF, ARK II, THE SECRETS OF ISIS, ADAM 12, etc.) on location in the Philippines, DAUGHTERS OF SATAN is a sleazy, R-rated thriller that doesn't make much sense, but does include plenty of female nudity, light S&M, and bursts of violence. The young, pre-MAGNUM Selleck - in his very first lead role - is fine as the confused husband, and television actress Tani Guthrie is impressively sinister as the leader of the witches' coven.

The MGM Limited Edition Collection MOD disc presents DAUGHTERS OF SATAN in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer, culled from a very decent print. Colors are bright and stable, and there is minimal wear or dirt evident. Audio is an acceptable mono. As with most MGM Limited Edition Collection DVDs, there are no extras provided.

DAUGHTERS OF SATAN is pretty routine 70s drive-in/grindhouse fare, most notable only for Selleck's participation. But for fans of this kind of supernatural sleaze, this disc might be worth checking out. Picture and audio quality are quite good, and it's uncut. Hopefully, Tom will be picking up a copy for his own library....

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