Welcome to the DVD Late Show.

This is where we take a look at the more unusual flicks that can be found on those shiny silver discs we all love, particularly those best watched late at night, after the more conservative (sane) movie viewers are long in bed. Movies (and the rare TV show) that are often actually improved by a little sleep deprivation. We’re talking trash cinema here, boys and girls, and I’m not going to hedge. Call ‘em B-movies, cult flicks, or sleaze cinema – I love this stuff.

Here at the DVD Late Show you’ll find the bizarre, the tastefully questionable, and the inexplicably oddball. We’ve got horror, fantasy and science fiction, sexploitation, blaxploitation and every other sort of exploitation. We’ve got hardcore martial arts action, giant monsters and trash flicks in every other genre (and from every country) you can imagine.

Oh... and some more normal stuff, on occasion, just for variety.

DVD Late Show originally debuted on filmmaker Kevin Smith's Movie Poop Shoot website in 2005 as a bi-weekly column. Subsequent incarnations of the column appeared online at Quick Stop Entertainment and Forces of Geek. Several print installments also appeared in IDW Publishing's DOOMED magazine. As of January of 2010, this marks the permanent location for DVD Late Show and its archives.

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