Over the last five years, I have, on occasion, run DVD reviews by a couple of Guest Reviewers here at the Late Show. And so help me, I may again....

James Chambers
James Chambers hates "Hollywood," most musicals, and post-RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK Steven Spielberg movies; he thinks most movies that come out each year are dookie, and only twice in his lifetime has he agreed with the Oscar for Best Picture (UNFORGIVEN, 1992; RETURN OF THE KING, 2003), which is why he ignores all award shows. He took Tim Burton’s PLANET OF THE APES and Spielberg’s WAR OF THE WORLDS as blatant, direct personal insults, although he has never met either of these directors. And yet he remains a hopeless cinema addict searching for those films that startle, entertain, enlighten, or just plain keep him on the edge of his seat for ninety minutes or more without really blowing it in the end. He most often encounters such movies among the low budget, genre efforts of filmmakers too stylish, inventive, or mad to be entrusted with $150 million dollar budgets and the fate of Scientology on their shoulders.

He has edited more than half a dozen critically lauded reference books on film, including The Encyclopedia of Novels into Film, The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Movies, and the Library of Great Filmmakers (including volumes on Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, and Orson Welles), which he mentions here only to make himself sound accomplished and not to steal the credit rightly due the actual authors of those books who did all the really hard work on them. He also writes fiction — mostly stories about dark and scary things — that has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies, and he published his first short story collection, The Midnight Hour: Saint Lawn Hill and Other Tales (with illustrator Jason Whitley) in 2005. He is online at

Reviews by James Chambers


Garry Messick
Garry Messick is widely renowned as the first gay astronaut. His experiments in listening to Barbara Streisand while making sarcastic remarks about the interior decor of the space shuttle have proven to be a boon to the advancement of the understanding of weightless homosexuality.

Well, actually. . .

Garry Messick is basically just some guy who has seen a lot of movies and read a lot about them. He has written or co-written about a dozen screenplays, and has written and directed several short films, including THE FLYER, GONE and AN IMPERIAL MESSAGE (look for them at a film festival near you). He plans to make one or two more short films this year, and then may attempt a feature. He is neither gay nor an astronaut. He is Associate Managing Editor of the supermarket tabloid Weekly World News, but don't hold it against him.

Reviews by Garry Messick